Official SketchUp Training goes on the road with Bootcamp Roadshows!


Easily the best way to learn SketchUp, Bootcamp is hitting the road! This summer, our most popular track at Basecamp is touring the country, leaving a wake of SketchUp Ninjas in its path. A curriculum built with a novice 3D modeler in mind, it’s the perfect way to learn all the SketchUp fundamentals.

This definitely isn’t your average training session. The Bootcamp Roadshow is not only fun but valuable with SketchUp’s top trainers teaching you the basics in a comprehensive 101 course. In two days, you’ll earn an official SketchUp Bootcamp Certificate alongside local SketchUppers just like you.

You will learn how to visualize projects and orbit your way around SketchUp Everything from small class sizes, a recess (yay!), homework, and even graduation (hats and tassels included). Bootcamp is hands-down the most efficient, effective way to learn SketchUp - right in your backyard.

Pro tip: Register soon because class sizes will be limited to stay intimate and hands-on.

Where will we be?

  • Greater Boston Area from June 6 and 7, 2019
  • Downtown Atlanta from July 11 and 12, 2019
  • Downtown Los Angeles from August 12 and 13, 2019
  • Greater Denver Area from September 19 and 20, 2019

Register for training today, as Bootcamp will sell out fast!


Come over to Europe!


If 2019’s roadshow goes well, Europe could be in our future in 2021! :slight_smile:


in a:


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You know if there was an easy way to communicate w/ Trimble’ SU team directly I wouldn’t post this here.

On this page: Official SketchUp Training goes on the road with Bootcamp Roadshows!

Pro tip: Register as soon because class sizes will be limited to stay intimate and hands-on.

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Will the four locations listed be the only Roadshows for 2019?

Hi @tvallee,

Yes, those four cities will be the only locations in 2019. We’re just kicking off the new program this year… as it evolves we hope to add more cities!


I hope you see one day in Asia

Was planning to book for Boston this week, but it appears it is now sold out. Is there any sort of wait list? Can’t find any info about that anywhere. My colleague and I would rather attend this instead of a third party training, but if you guys don’t have space we will likely have to do that instead. Please contact me at if you can.

Hi @sdgordon, we’re managing communications for the Bootcamp Roadshows via our 3D Basecamp email account:

Feel free to send us an email there and Aubree or I will respond and add you to the waitlist. Thanks for your interest!

On the Bootcamp page (, it shows the Denver Bootcamp as still available. When I click through to Eventbrite to sign up (, it shows Denver as sold out. Clarification?

Sorry for the confusion everyone. All Bootcamp trainings are sold out, but tickets do become available when refunds are requested. If you’re on the waitlist (which is quite large!), you’ll be notified that a ticket is available for purchase when you’re next on the list.

Thanks so much to everyone who has shown interest in these SketchUp Trainings! I love teaching SketchUp at these events and hope we can do more of them in the future. Please feel free to email me at if you have specific location requests for future trainings or if you’re part of a company where an on-site training (around 8-15 people) might be desired. I’d also love to hear from you if you have general thoughts on SketchUp Training events like this.


Sounds like you have winner here. How many people are attending? Curious though, it does not look like the usual BootCamp material, but only basics.

There are 60 people at each training event (broken into 3 classes of 20), so ~240 total attendees for the 4 trainings. Regarding material… yes, it’s meant for beginners in SketchUp. Some attendees have never opened SketchUp, and some have experience but want to re-learn at a slower pace to pick up all the good stuff they missed being self-taught!

I attended the Bootcamp in Westminster. Unfortunately I had to leave before graduation. How do I get my certificate of hours completed? Any chance I could get some of those sweet socks that got passed out also?


I will alert the authorities.