Assignment: Create a simple house

Are you missing Bootcamp as much as we are? Well, even if we can’t directly convey Aaron’s humor, Tyson’s mop-top hair, or Josh’s incredible bow tie collection, we do have some follow-up exercises to help keep you going with SketchUp.

This PDF is a step-by-step guide that will keep many techniques we practiced in class fresh in your mind. Our hope is to share a few exercises to keep you motivated and to remind you of a few of our most helpful tips along the way. This exercise will have you drawing accurately using Offset, Push/Pull, and guides to create a basic house.

Remember to group your geometry and make components. That’s one rule that really should NOT be broken.

Share an image of what you create, ask questions and thanks again for joining us at Bootcamp Roadshow!

Bootcamp_Practice 1.pdf (11.4 MB)


I couldn’t force myself to lower the windows :house:

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