Odd clipping of other instances while editing a component with model hidden

Haven’t seen this particular flavor of clipping before. No problem with the whole model shown but clips very nearby with Hide rest of Model enabled. It’s an odd situation of editing a group nested in a shared component, when editing in the context of the component all works as expected, but if I edit the raw geometry within the nested group this occurs.


Is Fog turned on? Is it the same if you switch to Perspective view?

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It looks like fog right? But no it’s not on. I so rarely model in parallel, so I thought perhaps that was a factor but it happens in perspective too. It’s only while editing the group nested 3 layers deep within double nested components, the components don’t exhibit this behavior.

The tower element is pretty poorly made, I was slamming things together and moving quickly while designing so there is some awkward nesting, still weird behavior. I’ll include a file below, the tower clips when brought into a fresh file for me.


Magical Clipping Tower.skp (211.6 KB)

For Windows

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Looks like a bug.

If only a single component is visible, Sketchup calculates the bounding box from that component, to let you zoom closer to it without having it clip. It seems the logic only checks for Rest of Model, not Rest of model and Similar Compnents.

@colin , could you file this?

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