Obstacle course layout

i would like to build an obstacle course but cant find any thing to use does anyone have pointers or tips please

What kind of an obstacle course? What things are you trying to find? Please be specific.

Please also correctly complete your profile. It helps us help you.

Hi Dave

I am starting a project next year for young kids and have plenty of ideas to use but would like to sketch 3d or 2d a model to use for when implementing the course, i would like tyres rope climbs, walls climbing frames rivers river obstacles with tyres , pits swing pits, boxing ring, hanging boxing bags made from tyres, running ramps, and more, im new to design but am willing to learn

Well, before you get too much into trying to make a complex model like that, you should learn the basics of using SketchUp. Start with the videos and other educational stuff available on the SketchUp site itself.

Very likely some of what you need will be available in the 3D Warehouse but you’ll probably also need to draw quite a bit of it, too.

Thanks dave how do i draw rivers ?

There’s a too much detail in the full answer to go into here but you might start with the Sandbox Tools. There are some extensions such as Artisan and Vertex Tools that could be useful. Learn the basics first.