Object doesn't subtract


I have 2 objects, where one should be subtracted by the other one, but it doesn’t work.

Here is a screenshot:

Both objects are grouped and unlocked, but the big one retangle box with the cones inside doesn’t want to play with me :frowning:

When I try to chose the other object first there’s the error: “At least one of your chosen objects isn’t a volumebody or is locked.” It’s not the exactly error, I’ve translated it from German to English.

Any ideas? Tried to find a solution the whole day, with no result :confused:


Make sure both groups are ‘solids’.
Make sure that all of the faces in both groups are properly oriented.
That is, their ‘off-white’ side is visible - NOT the ‘blue-gray’ backside.

And if what @TIG proposes doesn’t solve it, if possible upload your model here so people can examine it.

Tried everything, maybe I do something wrong.

Here is the file, if someone has the time and passion to take a look at it.

The big cylinder"thing" (first) has to be inside of the rectangle (second) by subtracting.

forum.skp (156.1 KB)

thanks a lot

EDIT: I made a new project, now the big cylinder has to be subtracted, not the small one, as in the screenshot. Same in the end but other did not fit and now the big one even doesn’t work.

Looks like the there are nested groups. Just explode each one once and it should work for you.


Hey, what do you mean with explode? I’m new to CAD. thanks

Your group is a group inside another group. Select, right click and pick explode.


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There must be a problem with your technique. I did the following:

  1. Exploded the two groups in your model (they are just nests around an inner group).
  2. Made the cylinder into a group
  3. Moved a copy of the conical group into the box
  4. Subtracted the conical group from the box
  5. Moved a copy of the cylinder group into the box
  6. Subtracted the cylinder group from the result group of step 4


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yeah, just found it, have to translate it to german commands first^^ Man, thanks a lot, works fine! Saved my evening :smiley: