OAuth now required?

When Sketchup students in my district use sign in with Google, Trimble now asks for access to Google Drive and Classroom. Teachers only started reporting this problem this week. First, is there a newsletter to subscribe to for these product changes? Second, what data protections is Trimble stating for full access to a students Drive? Finally, is Trimble open to signing Data Protection Agreements with School districts that have policies that deny fully “Trusted” OAuth without the DPA?

  1. Google OAuth is set to limited for the OU the student is in
  2. Student gets stuck in the sign in loop when clicking continue without adding the unchecked check boxes.
  3. Attempted to select all checkboxes with the OAuth set at limited and the student account gets stuck in a loop asking for them to sign in.
  4. The only option that I experimented with that worked was to set OAuth to trusted and have the student select all the checkboxes.