O-ring groove on the surface of a tube?

Relative beginner here. I’ve done some searching and not found anything remotely helpful to me. :smile:

I’m making a tubular container. I’d like to put a groove for an o-ring around the tube.

Wait, as I think about it some more, I might have answered my own question. :smile:

Is the way to do this to draw a profile slice with the indentation for the groove in it (essentially a rectangle with a notch in it) and then use Follow Me around a circle to actually make the tube? Did I describe that well enough that you can understand what I am getting at?

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to put a groove into my already built tube. Regardless whether my described way of doing it is the easier way, is there even a way to put a groove into an existing tube?

Thanks for any assistance.

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That’s the method to create the tube plus groove the most effective way, with a profle + circular path + the ‘Follow Me’ tool.

But yes, you can do the groove the same way on a separate location. Then make it a group, position it “on” the tube and explode the groove group, to let its geometry merge with the tube’s geometry.
Slight chance that you need to select all, then > right click > intersect selection. But if things work out as normal, that won’t be necessary.
Delete the outer circular surface of the ring.
Turn on ‘Hidden Geometry’ and draw the extra notch in the groove.

You can draw the groove after the fact just by hiding the OD of the tube:


Awesome! Thank you both for your replies.