Make a toroid out of a straight rectangular tube

Hello all,

What would be the easiest way to make a rectangular toroid. Imagine taking a straight rectangular tube and bending it around to make it into a doughnut, or toroid.



I’d use Follow Me for that. Create a path and the profile (cross section of the tube). Select the path, get Follow Me and click on the profile.

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Equally easy would be offset and push-pull.

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Thank you DaveR! I’ll give that a shot!


Thanks Box, I’ll give that a try also.

Appreciate it!


While Dave’s follow me is ideal for a hollow section, or complex shapes, a simple ring is quickly done with just the circle tool and pushpull. This has the added advantage of retaining the Cardinal points, which are lost with follow me.

It is important to think a little laterally when working with Sketchup, don’t start with a square bar and think , how do I make this a doughnut. Think about the geometry of what it is you want to make then look at the various ways to achieve what you want. One of the most common ‘errors’ is thinking ‘I have this block, now how do I make many holes in it? I wish there was a multi face pushpull tool’
Don’t start with the block, start with the face, make the holes then pull to thickness.
A recent example of what I mean, the person who wanted a better way to do this had placed and pushed all 100 or so holes individually.
Holes 09


Hi Box,

And thanks for the thought process, helpful!!

What an excellent example and explanation, Thank you!

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