Numbers in Excel table not correct

Hi, I’m using the tables in Layout to show the data in Excel but Layout is changing the numbers.

  • In red you see and average which is rounding down. So 2,67 in Layout is 2,6 in stead of 2,7
  • Also with the formula A-B=C or 3,3-2,1=1,2 Layout is working fine, but when C=1 it will show the value 0 instead of 1 like the blue indicated numbers

I read in the forum a 2019 post that the rounding problem will be fixed, but it is 2023 now. I have the files attached (but cannot upload the Excel file). Can someone point me in the right direction?

table_test.layout (28.2 KB)

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This is a known bugs, but still not be fixed, from years.

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