Fractional Inches Format in Imported Excel Table


I just inserted an excel spreadsheet into Layout for the first time. Everything seems to work great except the numbers I have formatted as fractions in Excel.

In Excel 2013, I have the numbers formatted as “fractions>up to 2 digits”. Numbers such as 24, 24 1/2, 24 3/8, 24 15/16 display and print well in excel and I can preform calculations with formulas. In Layout, when I File>Insert… my excel file, these all display and print in Layout the same, except the whole numbers. What is shown in excel as 24 displays as 24 0/1 in Layout.
How can I correct this?

Thanks in advance.


@colin report this as a bug

A work around…in excel
insert another column, place =TEXT(D1,"## ##/##") if D is the column to change, then hide that column

Can you show an example Excel file, and how it should look? Just to make sure I understand the problem correctly.

Thanks for the replies.

Sorry. I don’t understand how to use the excel formula. I know how to insert a column and hide a column, but i don’t understand how to use “place =TEXT(D1,”## ##/##")"

Here’s a pdf of one of the excel worksheets and the layout file.

Cabinet Cut List.pdf (229.8 KB)

Cabinet Cut List.layout (952.4 KB)

Instead of
24, 24 1/2, 24 3/8, 24 15/16
could you try
24", 24 1/2", 24 3/8", 24 15/16"

i.e. add a final " to end of the cell…

The Layout side is trying to interpret a number, but you really need to pass a string ?
By ending with a " it might kick it into the right interpretation ?

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a (7.6 KB)

In hindsight, I would say its not a bug with sketchup, but rather a peculiarity with excel, excel is not showing 0/?? even though its there, So for this excel formatted data you need to convert to text.

the " converts back to decimal, but text is definitively required to resolve the issue

I wondered at first if you wanted something like this.

Thanks for the answers.

Adding the " symbol after the number is a nice simple solution, but I lose the ability to use those cells for arithmetic, and if there’s a fraction there it changes to a decimal.

Changing to text works well for the values I am inputting, but cells with formulas output the solution in decimals instead of fractions.

the =TEXT(D1,"## ##/##") works well, but would add a level of complexity to my excel file

The excel and layout documents I’m working on are just for my personal use and not for publication, so I think I’ll just ignore the problem for now and keep my spreadsheet simple.

Thanks for the ideas

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