Layout linked Excel files showing incorrect data

When I import Excel tables into Layout, Layout is truncating the values instead of rounding as it does in Excel. For example, in Excel a cell shows the value 3.90. The formatting in Excel is set to show two decimal positions. The actual calculated value is 3.8975. the linked sheet in Layout shows the number as 3.89 and not 3.90 as it should, and as it does in the parent Excel file.

This is not a good thing as we are having to continually check every number on our imported spreadsheets every time we update and refresh them in Layout. This has embarrassed us on more than one occasion.

Please point me to a solution…

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I see this, too in Lo2019.2.

Looks like a bug. @Trent?

In the spreadsheet:

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This is the file, the same as the snip I attached to my original post showing the cell in question.

4072-20190531-Kal Hussein-Foshee Property - PS-CALCS (9.5 KB)

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Hi @odewallrus and thanks @DaveR for pinging me.
Yes this is a rounding issue that we are aware of and are prioritizing the fix accordingly.

Only work around on this would be to eliminate the trailing 0000000’s past the decimal in Excel to help prevent this from occurring though still not guaranteed (Currently in 3.90 cell it is 3.8975).

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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