Decimal point error

When importing the Excel table, the display of the decimal point is not correct.
Is this bug?

Yes. And the LO team is working on a solution. It is due to some very complicated data formatting done by Excel.

One solution is to use would to use the ROUNDUP and IFERROR functions in Excel.


Have not used Excel for years. It use to be the syntax would be =A1*B1 and you need to set the cell format the way you want

Yeah, I hate to throw the Excel team under the bus but wow that is a complicated document format. I will make sure that our internal bug is cross-referenced to this forum thread.

If you can upload a copy of the Excel file, we’ll be sure to use that for testing too. It looks like a simple file, but there may be some complicated localization things happening in the background.


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Here is sample file that I posted.
Simple excel file and layout file in japanese environment.

Cell B2 and C2 set to 3 decimal place, cell D2 set to 6 decimal place.
Calculation formula (= B2 * C2) is set in cell D2. (91.3 KB)

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