Not sure that SketchUp can do this, but looking for help

So the short version of what I am trying to do is create a template for building a specific electric guitar. I’d like to know if it’s possible to take an image of the guitar itself (just the body of it) and create a printable, scale size image. I do have the exact measurements for a couple of key pieces of hardware that can be used to reference the correct size. I hope this makes sense to someone, as I’m in over my head a bit with software like this.

Thank you!

You can import an image into SketchUp and trace it. You can also size it to be full sized. Your profile indicates you are using the web-based SketchUp Free and while it is possible to model the guitar body at full size in that version, printing out a full sized pattern would be difficult at best. SketchUp Pro and LayOut make the task of printing a full sized pattern much easier. And due to the ability to use extensions,you would find some tools that would make drawing the curves much easier.

Here’s a quickie example. It took me longer to find the image than to trace it. I did this in SU2020 using an extension to draw the curves.

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Thanks for the reply @DaveR. I actually don’t need to do an entire drawing in SketchUp, I really just need a photo to be expanded to scale size so that I can pull some measurements from some of the other body features to ensure that I get them right. It’s based on a popular model already, so I have scale plans to follow for the majority of it, I just want to have a scale photo to check some measurements from, since I’m recreating a recreation so to speak.

That could all be done.

Any suggestions for a total noob to get started?

You can insert the image and use the tape measure tool to size it exactly.
You use the tape to measure a known distance then enter the distance you want it to be and it will resize the image for you.


It’s likely that the specific guitar is not Stratocaster, but even so, you could watch how Aaron approached the problem:

He used my Stratocaster as a reference.


Thanks for the replies all! The tape measure thing seems super easy, but unless I am missing something, it doesn’t seem that I can import an image with the free version?

Top left icon, hamburger menu, Insert.


Here’s a rough version, image from the internet as a png, I looked up the scale length for this guitar at 628mm, so I scaled the image to that. I haven’t been totally accurate here. Once the image is scaled correctly you should be able to read other measurements from it. Assuming that the original is not distorted.
Scale image


Thanks! I’ve apparently got to learn the program a bit more first…I can’t even grasp the simple task of using the measuring tape right, hahaha. I do want to start learning this program more when I get some free time, as I plan to use it for planning furniture builds and things like that. It also seems like it would be very useful for building my house layout and trying different things out with modifications and getting to actually see what they look like.

A good place to start is the The learning Center. Another great site is Sketchup on You Tube. All of the content on both sites is by the Sketchup Team.