3D Print to Scale


I am new to Sketchup for Web, and intend to use it to draw items for use in an HO Scale model railroad. My question is whether one should draw the prototypes in the feet and inches template, and than be able to 3D print them in 1/87 scale.

I’m sure this has been answered before, but I am also new to the forum so haven’t done a rigorous search. Being pointed to the answer would be absolutely appreciated.


One of the issues with Sketchup is its inability to form tiny faces, they can exist but can fail to form.
So, work at full scale then scale down when you export your model for printing.
You can either scale it down in the model then export it, or use the export dialog to scale it, or even scale it within the printer software.

Basically, work to real world dimensions, and print to scaled ones.