Sketchup Make: Component Scaling


I am working on my first project on SketchUp. I have selected the feet-inch template to create my model .
Unfortunately, by mistake, I have used the feet instead of inches(really get messed-up). Now my design is way too larger than the actual dimensions.

The solution to this problem should be scaling of design. As 1 inch would be the 1/12th of the feet so if I can scale my model by 1:12 that could be the possible solution to this issue. (Correct me if I am wrong).

I am not sure about whether it would be the solution to my problem.
Also, how could I scale my model?

Please help me to find the solution

Thank you

use the tape measure tool…

there are many posts on using it to scale accurately…


I have used the tape scaling to scale my project but Instead of using inches I had used the feet as the reference.

How could I scale down my model from feet to inches?

add a line 12" long, use the tape on that line and type 1"…

when asked to rescale agree…