Not sure if I like the B&W or colour version

Did this a few days ago based on a photo of an Architect designed house. Modelled in Sketchup and rendered in twinmotion. I am not sure if I like th B&W or the colour shot.


I see your point, I like the B&W but the sky might be too burned (very white) ? the sepia looks better, with a hint of blue for contrast. but it’s subjective :smiley:

regardless of chromatic taste, it looks really good ! I like the idea of making partial quick models based on photos, no need for constructive details or 3d precision, just feelings and perception

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I don’t like the lighting in the color shot. To me it looks too yellow for a situation in which presumably the sun is fairly high and the sky is overcast (because the shadows are short and very soft). As a result, I prefer the B&W.

Thank you very much mate :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks mate I will take note I may have a bit of a play with post production.