Not sure how to make this object (magsafe holder for car)

I’m trying to recreate this magsafe holder in the picture below and then 3D print it. The circular magsafe holder is relatively simple, but I’m not sure how to make the part I’ve outlined in red? Basically it will be covering/hiding the USB wire from the magsafe cable. Thoughts?


The one I’ve made looks like this, but I like look of the one above much better!

you could select the top face of the little extra bit and scale it down to make it look like the photo.


Guessing from your profile that you are using the 2017 Make version this is a simple way of making a curved part to fit to the ring.
If you want the complex curves shown in your original image you could use fredo’s curviloft or Tig’s Extrusion tools.
GIF 26-03-2024 2-11-18 PM


Yes, using 2017. This is great, what toolbar is that btw?

That is a custom toolbar using standard tools, not sure if you can customise in 2017, don’t remember when it was introduced. But there is nothing there you can’t find in normal toolbars.

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What tool did you use to fill in the bottom of the cone after you cut it in half? Was it an extension?

No, that filled in when I drew the two edges on the face, before deleting the bottom.

I mean after that, when your cursor went off screen.

I just toggled soften to make the edges hard so I could reverse the face.

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Ah, I see. Thank you.

Here’s a simple example. Because the semicircle is all smoothed when created the face created by drawing in the edges is all part of the same surface because of the smoothing, but a quick triple click and toggle in the soften tray will reestablish the usual hard edges.
GIF 26-03-2024 11-26-33 PM

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Okay. I think it was that “fold” near the tip of the cone that was throwing me off. It made it look like there wasn’t a face there at all.

Yes, that is an artifact, or clue to the smoothed edges.

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You can see here as you Soften/Smooth the edges with the eraser and ctrl the face will start to ‘shade’, this is a normal reaction to ‘bending’ the dividing edges. Quickly fixed in the tray again.
GIF 26-03-2024 11-52-14 PM

I did a vid some time back about how hiding edges is different and an offset hidden edge can reduce the face distortion of a smoothed edge, allowing you to show smoothed edges on flat faces without the distortion.
But we are strolling well off topic now.

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Can’t seem to find these two (without knowing their names, hard to locate!)…


Offset and follow-me


Also, curious, what is the purpose of reversing the face on the bottom. I’m getting closer, but thing is a bit too pointy!


All faces should have their back-face [blue-gray] ‘inside’ - otherwise many 3d-printers and renderer apps can get confused.
If you want it less pointy then remake it with a different profile / scaling etc… e.g. try scaling just a part of it to flatten the point etc…

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Somewhat similar question. If I wanted to to a capsule/enclosure like this, presumably it is a similar effort, but just can’t figure out how to get the more rounded back.