Folow me use on a hand held


Halo forum members an other question raises.
Hand held part of a beam should be more rounded edges.
thanks for advice.'
Albert1401161forum.skp (263.8 KB)


It depends on what you have in mind. There are several ways of doing it.

a.skp (649.1 KB)


Excelent solution but I can not duplicate your instruction. Pl.s give some more explonation.


Which of the two would you want ?


both if possible.the smoothe ones e.g.


With your example surface and path tried to duplicate without success. I use SU make 2016. not aware of plugin Curviloft to be used I dont,have.
Pls. show a demo of your advice. See picture.suforumq.skp (445.2 KB)


For the follow me, you need to rotate the longer profile not the small face.


Sorry this does not solve my problem. See picture latest try, blue lh. Pls. give demo or tutorial adres.
thaks so far.suforumq.skp (445.2 KB)


The shape is inside the cocoon :)) .

I have created two gifs but they are quite large, I am trying to upload them somehow.

curviloft dropbox link
follow me dropbox link
Download and play.


Thanks magic man or woman. It goes very fast but understood a lot, scale, miror etc. Have to study!
Can this be done in su make 2016? You are using supro? Do I have to download curviloft?


The follow me method is simple and can be done without any plugin. You can connect those shapes with the line tool if you want.
The other method it requires you to install that plugin. It is not hard to install it but you have to register to sketchucation- it’s free.
Yes you can do it with Sketchup Make.

You’re welcome!