Not processing model in Twilight

I keep having to restart Sketchup every time I tweak my model and go to render out. All it renders is my sky image. Is there something I’m doing wrong? I’m still using the trial version of Twilight.

Post a screen shot, or better post the model, and one of the sages will take a look.

Uploading: VIVIAN SUNROOM 29.skp…

Tried posting my model. Not it sure if it uploaded?

Probably too big. Try uploading to Drop Box or even the 3D Warehouse and sharing the link.

That should work. Just need someone using Twilight Render to help you out.

By the way, what version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile says SketchUp 2019 Make/Free but there is no such version.

First test on Easy Low render, it all seems to be there. However

  1. I don’t have your render presets. So there could be something there not affecting my render.
  2. I don’t have your background image. So we don’t know if that is conflicting.

You might try without the background / sky image. You may try a fresh preset (on a copy of the file).

And of course, check in on the Twilight forum. They are very helpful.

Be sure you have closed all groups and components before rendering.

Or if your problem is only with the sky image, try another. It probably doesn’t have to be a high resolution image to work for this.

I have to say that I also sometimes have problems with Twilight. My subsequent renders may fail and then I too have to restart SketchUp to do the next render (always save before rendering!). But these things may relate to our various computer setups and capability.

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Thanks!!! I’ll try that!

Here’s one using a Spherical sky image (could be turned up in brightness), so that works.