“Not Licensed“ had Sketchup at least since version 4 this is BS!

Guys this is getting really disgusting after paying through the nose for a subscription.This HAS GOT TO STOP, and before you ask me if I am logged in to Sketchup I am. Unlike novices I have deadlines I cannot be playing this game. When any e-Commerice sites I buy from change my password I never use them again.

what is the message? Screenshot?

Just that Mike “You are not Licensed. You can continue using Sketchup, but you will not be able to start a new file or open existing file.” I have a screen shot not sure how to attach it. Thanks for responding, I did close Sketchup, waited and worked on something else. When I started it back up it said I must login to Trimble Sketchup, which I did again it seemed to work OK. I have received that again on occasions but like I stated before it lets me keep working… But it is pretty frustrating when it does!