Not happy with the lack of service!


Download and install 2017 pro, buy the license, go to activate the license and…

“Oops, their is an issue with the licensing server”

Verify I have the correct serial number and the correct authorization code, check! Restart the software, SAME result!!

Go to email tech support to open a trouble ticket, fill out the form and go to submit…website has timed out and server failed to respond.

I just paid $7xx.xx for a license I cannot even use, to describe how immensely pissed off I am right now is an understatement! Now i’m stuck expressing my grievances in a public forum in the hopes some tech will see this and contact me.

I am livid!



Sorry for your inconvenience. You can rest assured that the Team members will help you solve the issue and you’re in the right place. You will have to wait a while, though, because it’s currently nighttime in the US (unless someone from Europe can help, of course).


I pinged livid privately earlier today, but for reference, please try the license troubleshooter