Not able to adjust terrain imported with Geo location

I am very new to SketchUp. I was told to come here rather than get support from SU team. I am trying to create landscape park on an existing location. So I began by importing a geo location of the area, and using sandbox tools to adjust the topography. I added some roads and the creek with the pencil tool. However I can’t select them to change the color.

The other issue is, I am trying to adjust or modify the river (blue) to a lower position than the existing topography and raise certain areas along the rail track higher. I thought I could use one of the sandbox tools as demonstrated on some videos but don’t seem to be able to select and area to do that.

I don’t really need the geo map any more. I could then just drag(?) the roads and creek and building to another terrain. I would also like to get rid of the grid on the right and maybe cut a portion of the landscape.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks ahead.

The terrain is likely inside a group (or component instance.) You need to double-click to enter it’s entities context. This is how geometry is kept separate in SketchUp. (SketchUp layers are only display controls and do not “own” geometry.)

You can tell when you are within a nested entities context because their is a dotted 3D outline surrounding what you are editing.

Your terrain and map also will be locked - shown as a red outline. Right click and find “unlock”


Stepping back a bit, if you’re ‘very new’ to SketchUp though you may want to review both SketchUp Fundamentals course and Landscape & Site Design on the SketchUp Campus.

For future reference, when creating surfaces on terrain it’s often better to unlock and move your location snapshot (2D) above your terrain…then trace your areas…then either drape or intersect with your terrain below. Draping is faster but sometimes doesn’t create closed boundaries. Intersecting with selection/model does a better job with complex shapes and/or highly detailed terrain. See example:

You can use Fredo’s Joint Push Pull extension as this let’s you raise and lower curved surfaces.

See gif on how to crop out parts of your terrain.