(noob..)How can I maintain it?

Hi, Im learning sketchup myself and trying to make my own bedroom.

I separated layers as furniture, top, base and this is what i got when I finished without top (First picture)

So I made top after this, and its what I got! ( second picture )

The problem starts here. As I said, I seperated layers to see from top without ceiling. but when I invisable layer “top” (ceiling) it made empty space between bases like third picture

I think it’s because sketchup recognize my ceiling is part of whole house so they are connected and invisible my original ceiling as well.

but I want to see as first picture when I invisible layer “top”

I found so many forums but since I’m korean, I dont know what keywords for this problem is suitable and I’m struggling here like 2 hours…

Can you guys help me?

  • its obvious if my post is too hard to understand…pls ask me if u cant understand. Thank you for reading
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It would be helpful if you share the actual .skp file. It would also help if you let us know which version you are really using. Your profile says SketchUp 2019 Make which does not exist.

Im using Sketchup 2019…I think I mistakenly clicked Sketchup Make. My sketchup file for this one is like 200mb, is it ok to upload and share it?

Have you taken a look at the Sections tool yet?

To a large degree the Sections tool can allow you to cut into your model without having to manually set up all of the Layers one might otherwise use.

An old demo of this tool in action is…

Thank you so much, this shd be what I wanted to :slight_smile:

You could fix that.

Looks like Jim has you otherwise sorted out.

Thank you for helping me too ;):slight_smile:

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Firstly, that’s quite an impressive model for a beginner!

Have you been using Groups and Components? I would expect your roof/upper floor to be grouped. Then you can either use Tags to control visibility or the Outliner.

I didnt know specific tools/functions in sketchup TnT. Thanks for your information! Im gonna try it!