Non-Welded Vertices? What


SketchUp was the first 3D software I was introduced to, but since then I have learned to use Blender, 3DS Max, Maya and Zbrush with a high grade of proficiency as well. However, I prefer SketchUp when it comes to simple meshes because its interface is much easier to navigate and build something such as a room or something of the like. (Especially when using Fredo6’s extensions). However, I’m finding it difficult to keep using it because SketchUp, for whatever reason, doesn’t weld its vertices. I don’t see any reason why it doesn’t, especially since just about every other major 3D modeling software does. It would be greatly appreciated if this is something that could be fixed in an update or the next release, and if it can’t, at least a decent explanation why would be appreciated. But I might have to drop SketchUp from my repertoire, which would be very unfortunate because it is a very useful program.


Can you describe step by step what happens?
When isn’t vertices welded?
SketchUp should me merging anything that touches.


Are you alluding to how the front / back faces are handled when exporting from SU.
Pay attention to the export options. I have not check recently but if the export two sided faces is selected the vertices of front and back faces are welded.=> maybe dae option only ???