Non-Stretching textures

Is it possible to create a texture that does not scale with an object? (specifically a dynamic component) Ex, I have a building whose size can be edited with a combo box. Is there a way to apply a texture to it (say brick) so that as the building changes size, the texture stays the same? The same thing would apply to a object that is scaled.

If this is not possible, then it is my number 1 request for a new feature.

Check the Extension Warehouse for extensions that enhance working with Materials and Textures:

Materials in SU don’t support this. When working with raw geometry (edges and faces) however you can select only the edges and scale those to avoid materials stretching in their bound faces. For groups and component this cannot be done.

I made feature request myself some time back that (among other things) would allow materials to stay un-stretched even in dynamic components but I don’t know if it is planned or even noticed by the product managers.

Just an FYI, I know that this has also been requested every cycle since v2013.

Thanks for the feedback.