No selection box?

Hi, I have seen a couple of posts that seem to have similar problems but all suggestions not working for me. When I drag selection tool it will select but there is no visible box. I have tried turning off ‘use hardware acceleration’ & ‘use fast feedback’ & I have updated driver to (nividia geforce 347.52) but still no joy? It was fine for a while but now nothing! My laptop is HP Envy 17-j141na, Intel Core i7. Any help would be much appreciated! Neil.

Spotty picking performance is a sign your graphics system doesn’t fully support OpenGL.
Most modern laptops have a discrete graphics processor and an integrated graphics chip.
Go to your graphics system 3D settings and confirm that SketchUp is set to use the more capable discrete graphics processor.

SketchUp and OpenGL — SketchUp Help

Will do! many thanks.