No New Layer Icon so Cant Make New Layers



I have just downloaded Sketch Up Make 2016. The layers panel does not feature the ‘button’ you click to create a new layer, it simply has the drop down menu and Layer0 - but seemingly no way to create a new layer. Checking help pages etc, all references to creating a layer basically instruct you to click the new layer icon - no can do. I also checked for updates but all seems up to date. Is there a new way of creating a layer I am missing here?


The “+” adds a new layer. If you can’s see it there is a problem.


No plus sign, no new layer icon, just a drop down menu - nothing else, I have tried posting a pic but dragging/dropping and or pasting as per the instructions for posting doesn’t work (maybe because I am new) so I can’t show the screen shot - your screenshot looks nothing like what I see…just a box with a tick in it and Layer0


You’re mixing up the layer toolbar with the layer manager.
You’ll find the layer manager in the default tray.


The Upload button is a tab with an arrow above .

Click on the default tray button and it will show some tabs with different toolbars, click on the layers tab.


Thanks very much for your help! It wasn’t showing under default tray and when I saw ely862me’s reply the penny dropped - Layers was not selected under the Windows-Default Tray menu, ticked it and now have it. Much appreciated :slight_smile: