No Layers in Sketch-up Make 2016

I just started to use Sketch up Mark 2016 and layers don’t seem to work. I have tool bar but no drop down or editing features are there. I get “Layer 0” but that is it. Do layers work in the free version?

Do you mean SketchUp Make 2016? Yes. Layers work in SketchUp Make. Open the Layers window in the Default tray. You can add layers there.

Yes Make 2016. I open tray but there is nothing there but “Layer 0” no way to add or any thing else.

There’s a + in a circle in the top left corner of the window. Click on it to add a layer.
Screenshot - 12_24_2017 , 5_03_22 PM

As Dave said, you need to open the Layers tray to add layers. The Layers toolbar can only be used to switch between layers that already exist.

As you’re new to SketchUp, it would be wise to invest 15 minutes in watching these tutorials.

SketchUp Training Series: Components

SketchUp Training Series: Layers

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