Can't add Layers?

I just downloaded SketchUp Make 2017 and I’m having trouble with layers. I went to view, toolbars, and selected layers. The toolbar is added, but I can only see layer0 and I don’t see any option to add a layer. Any suggestions would be appreciated;)


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The main Layer Manager is in the menu item Windows > Default Tray.
The separate toolbar is a cut-down utility, which doesn’t have all of the functions like Add/Delete…

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Wow! Thanks for the quick replies! Thanks for the tip TIG, that did the trick. Is that something new with '17, I thought I used to be able to add layers from the Toolbar? Might be confusing it with another program though;) Thanks again!

No, the toolbar and Layers window have, as far as I remember, worked the same. Note that you have to use the toolbar or the popup in the Entity Info tray to change an entity’s associated layer. That cannot be changed in the Layers tray.