Layer Manager missing



Layer Manager is missing and cannot find it in the tabs nor other options to view.
How can I solve this?


You might try Window>Default Tray>Show Tray. The Layers utility window is included in the Default tray by default.


Cool thanks!


You’re welcome.

Out of curiosity, why so many redundant tools on your toolbars?


That top one is the getting started toolbar that opens by default Dave.


I was forced to download Sketchup 2017, I did not buy the program. In SU2016, I could set the visibility on the layers function. Now, I am not offered that tool. Why? Did I download the wrong program?

I’ve used layers successfully before, now it seems all is lost!!?


Who forced you to do that? There’s a Layers inspector window just as there was in SU2016. There’s also a Layers toolbar under View>Toolbars exactly as it was in SU2016.


Layer visibility is controlled in the Layers inspector palette, not in the Layers toolbar. It has “always” been like that.