Layers not working correctly


for some reason the layers tool is not working for me as in previous versions it was very simple.
now with 2017 it will not allow me to add a layer or anything to that affect? please help im sure its something simple i just cant put my finger on it :slight_smile:


The Layer Manager panel is now in the Default Tray when SketchUp is first run. (ie, it is not a tool.)

Trays are customizable. You can create your own and have them stacked (tabbed), docked, floating, or auto slide into the margin. So you can move the Layers panel to a new custom try if you so desire.

See the User Guide article on: Arranging dialog boxes and trays


What happens when you click on the + in the Layers window.

Speedy Dan.


ureka!!! thankyou found it man i was scratching my head for a while had to step back n view the whole :slight_smile:


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