No model info prefs on sketchup web



I just tried to upgrade sketchup make 2017 & discovered it’s now a web based app, oh well beggers can’t be choosers I suppose! Anyway, I imported a model into the sketchup free cloud & opened it in the web interface, fine I thought, however when I went to measure something it was in inches when I want metric measurement. I looked up in help how to change the prefs of the model, it said click the three horizontal line button in the top left of the screen, then click on model info button, ok, so I followed the instruction but there is no model info button, why is it not there please?


Why do you need to upgrade from Make 17?

Anyway, you can open a new file in meters or mm, then just paste the geometry into the new file. The going forwards just make sure to use that template.

Edit: Ahh, as @Box pointed out, they are all indeed on the bottom right:


Model info is bottom icon right side.


Ah ha, thanks very much Box, they have moved the model info icon from the top left menu but not updated their online help to reflect the change, very helpful! Thanks for your input too liamk887, I need to use the web platform cos 2017 is no longer up-to-date & I cannot open 2018 files in it. Not sure I like the web version as it seems very slow in opening & saving but will get used to it I suppose, at least it’s not taking room up on my system now & it’ll all be up-to-date without checking. Here’s an image of the useful (not) help page I was looking at…


Do you know you can open a file in SketchUp Free (web) and then download it to your computer locally. It automatically saves it in the 2017 version, this way if you prefer, you can continue to use the desktop version instead for now.


Thanks liam887, I didn’t know that, could be very useful if online version or browser has compatiblity problems in the future…