No idea what im doing wrong- shows hollow gap in my project

no idea why one side will angle off solid and the will show hollow, brand new to sketchup, been using for about 3 hours now so any help is much appreciated…the first two show the problem. The third is the other side of the object that i made that is showing solid. made both angle cutoffs the same way. I drew in the lines and deleted the faces and unneeded lines. Push pull wouldnt let me slide it flat to remove either. Am i doing this the wrong way? I have two more pictures but it says i can only post one.

Hi @nickell160,

Welcome to the forum. You probably are experiencing the kind of issues common to new users. Not to worry. As you get more into modeling with this program, it will become second nature to you in no time. For now, try to get used to the “inferencing engine” that is an integral part of SketchUp. Every tool you employ will offer tool tips to guide you in positioning the parts of the model being worked on. At first it may be a little frustrating to have faces not close when you think they should, but it may be attributable to something as simple as a line not being connected to an endpoint. If the adjoining faces happen to be misaligned, you won’t be able to use the push pull tool in that case. The inference system helps you keep the elements aligned where you want them.

It’s good to post a picture, but it’s even better to post your model. That way, many users can review what you send in and offer constructive advice. For now, my best advice is to recommend the following tutorial videos, if you have not yet seen them.

This playlist is one of many that can be found online. I’d strongly encourage you to save them and other relevant learning materials to a hard drive if the space is available. Good luck in your modeling pursuits!

how does one post a model?

You can use the upload-button here @nickell160: