No copy with Rotate tool (SketchUp Web)

The copying with the Rotary tool in web-version of SketchUp doesn’t work. I’m pushing “Option” and nothing happens. The items rotate without copying.

It is a toggle, so tap option (I’m assuming option is correct for Mac, it is ctrl on win), don’t hold it.

Of course, I’m just taping, not holding…
It’s working on Moving tool correctly, but not on Rotary
About week ago was no problems with copying.

Copying with the ‘Rotate’ tool (tapping [Ctrl] once to get the + sign) works for me in the SketchUp Web free. Is it the latest version you are working with?

I thought in Web there is only one program version with no possibility to select between versions.
I have the same “changelog” page as you

I’ll try to reboot the computer and will return with answer

There is only the option to continue in what you work with (at risk that there might have been some fixes/changes) or log out and log in to work with the latest updates.
I have also noticed that with not updating Chrome that SketchUp may show weird behavior with (for instance) shortcut keys.

I rebooted the computer, logged out, and logged in again. There is no effect.
Here is about my device. Is there someone using iMac? Could you try to copying with Rotate tool?

Also I tried to use Chrome browser - the same situation, Rotate tool doen’t work

Are you sure you’re using Rotate and not the yellow Protractor tool? It works fine here.

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Thank you. Yes. I did this way till last week, and everything was good. But now (few days) I have a problem with copying. I tried everything: rebooting and relogging - doesn’t work.
I guess, someday someone from the support team will visit this thread…

I know about times when all modifier keys fail, though I don’t yet have a way to force that to happen. As with the others, I have no trouble using Option when tapping it instead of holding it down.

If you use the right side Option key, does that behave any differently?

Yes. I tried 4 option keys (on the macbook and on the external keyboard.)