No Backup files being created Mac OS Sketchup 23

Even though “create backup” is checked in my Sketchup Preferences, no backup files are being created. This just started recently. Older files have many backup files. I have searched my MacBook throughly, and there are no backup files for my most recent model. Help!

The first rule of troubleshooting a problem is to look at what has changed since it last worked There have been no changes to SketchUp 2023 in the last couple of months at least. So what did change on your computer? What version of 2023 exactly?

Have you been saving your SketchUp files to the internal drive on your computer or to an external location such as iCloud?

BTW, please update your profile. It says you are using SketchUp 2020 and Big Sur. Please correct whatever has changed besides the SketchUp version.

Thanks for responding. I updated my profile (not easy to find). I’m using SketchUp 23.1.341 with macOS Monterey 12.7.3.

The missing backup files looks to be limited to my last two projects - late fall 23 to now. I save all my files on my internal hard drive. I’m using a MacBook Pro. Some stuff gets automatically moved to the iCloud, but I can’t find them there, nor do they download when I retrieve my project files from iCloud.

I’m stumped. SktechUp used to produce multiple backup files, and numbered each. That doesn’t seem to be happening. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Did these files get automatically moved to iCloud?

Do you have any files with the ~ at the end of the file name? That would be the backup.

SketchUp has never automatically done that. Perhaps you had some extensions that did it.

FWIW, in addition to saving your SketchUp files on your internal drive you should take advantage of the unlimited storage you have with Trimble Connect. You can use Publish to Trimble Connect to upload your file. Trimble Connect does create incremental saves each time you publish the model so you can go back to the previous versions if needed.

Thanks, Good to know.

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