Newbie: Uniting Rectangles in Sketchup


I am a complete newbie at Sketchup, and I am trying to draw a garden kitchen.
Basically, it will be a larges stone surface 400 cm long attached to the back wall., and on one side of it there will be a 200 cm height smoker.
I am trying the following steps:

  1. View from the positive red axis.
  2. Create a rectangle on blue-green plan of size 80cm x 400xm. This is the outline of the smoker.
  3. View from the negative red axis
  4. Create a rectangle on blue-green plan of size 200cm x 100xm .
  5. Try to pull the the former rectangle towards the negative red axis.

The second rectangle has divided the first one into two rectangles: One of 100cm, and one of 300 cm, so now I have three different rectangles.
The problem is that I can’t pull or push the entire vertical rectangle, only each of its parts.
This means that in more complicated shapes, it would be more and more difficult.
IS there a way to “declare” two rectangles as a whole one?


I think you need to make the first rectangle a component, then create the second rectangle and make it a component, too. (To make any object a component, triple-click it, type the letter G, give the component a name, and click “create.”) Doing this will allow you to overlap the rectangles but not divide them. You can move either rectangle, change its proportions, or even give it a third dimension, all with no interference with the other rectangle.


delete the lines in between so you can then adjust a whole face?