How to combine 2+ rectangles into one solid?

Hello there,

How can I connect two rectangles to become the same solid? Or alternatively how can I extend an existing solids shape without resizing it?

For example, how can I createa 4x4 block into something like an L shaped block and still have it be part of the same single solid material block (instead of 2 separate rectangles beside each other as a group/component which doesn’t form a solid)?


There are several ways you could do this. Maybe the best option, since you are learning, is to explode one of the components, select all of its geometry and cut it to the clipboard (Cmd+X on the Mac) then open the other component for editing, right click and choose Paste in Place from the top of the Context menu.

If you only have two rectangles, they can not form a solid in the SektchUp meaning of it (a watertight volume).

Yeah I didn’t really get it. I ended up deleting the whole thing and just using the pen tool to connect a continuous solid flat shape and then pop it up into a desirable thickness.