Newbie PUSH PULL question

Hi All
I am very new and learning.
I made a board and drew a tail - with Line - for a dovetail joint on the end of the board.
I want to take the material away with PUSH PULL, but the material extrudes instead.
Any tips?

Download the file to your computer and share the .skp here. It looks like you’ve created a component of the board and then outlined the socket for the dovetail outside of the component. I did that for the top one in my GIF. You can tell because the edges of the socket are heavy profile edges. Note in my gif the lower socket outline is thin edges, not the heavy profile edges. These were drawn with the component opened for editing. So to push the material away, the component needs to first be open for editing (I double clicked on it with the Select tool. Then I pushed away the waste with the Push/Pull tool.

Also note that with the component opened for editing the face inside the socket outline can be selected separately from the face outside.


I don’t get this part, what do you mean by take the material away? The push pull tool is an extrusion tool with another nomenclature.

Here’s a quick example of modeling a dovetail joint for the entire corner of a box. The two pieces are separate components and in this case I intentionally drew the outline for the dovetail socket outside of the components. I’m starting with it in the center but you could start at the top or the bottom instead. After moving it to the bottom using the center of the vertical edge of the dovetail as the inference, I used Move/Copy to make the additional copies. I moved the first copy to the top to outline the top half pin and then pressed Enter followed by /5 to make a total of five equally sized tails. Then Select those edges and cut them to the clipboard, open one of the components for editing and paste in place. Push/Pull to create the sockets. Then open the other component and paste in place again followed by pushing away the waste between the pins.

Hi Francis

The thing I can’t do is at 2.08 in this video.,vid:kzBd44FBo78,st:0

He uses PUSH PULL to cut away material leaving the tails for a dovetail joint



As I wrote in my first reply, your geometry for the dovetail is outside of the component. It needs to be inside the coomponent.

He’s working a bit harder than he really needs to in that video and is leaving extra geometry to delete.

That’s great Dave, you were right. It’s working well now. Many thanks

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I fixed it Francis, thanks for your reply, Nick

Many thanks Dave. Your help is greatly appreciated