New Track: 2020 Product Graphics Follow Along

This model and views were used for all of our version 2020 in-product application graphics, external marketing materials, and training content – which helped visually tie everything together and contribute to a successful launch.

Track Contents:

  1. Inspiration & Approach
  2. Site Model
  3. Cabin Model
  4. Finishing Touches

Instructor: @eric-s
Length: 48 mins.
Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Exercise Files: Final model + printable PDF outline

Please use this forum page to post any questions or feedback you have during or after completing the course. Thanks and happy learning!


@eric-s, this looks REAL clean and attractive. Bravo! A very attractive visual for an intro. I look forward to watching along and see the expertise ooze out! Thanks for sharing.


Very helpful and giving an insight in the master’s mind!
Thank you!
Ps. Let me know if you run into troubles with the next one :slight_smile: