New to sketchup - need help for drawing specific arched shape


I want to create this shape but I can’t figure out how to draw identical arcs to connect small rectangle with big rectangle (one arch already done),
every time I try to draw another arch it comes off different than first one.

Just copy and paste the original arch and rotate it 180 degrees.

I think @liamk887 is referring to something like this, I think I have the arc orientation right. Although if you are looking to create faces you will either have to “stitch” the vertices of the arcs with lines or use an extension such as Curviloft.

(When rotating entities I hit the CTRL key to create the copy, known as “copy rotate”)

This could be another way to do it if you do want the faces created, using Follow Me:


Yes much better than my explanation. What do you use for screen capture GIF’s?

More or less as @liamk887 says. But create a group from the arc as geometry is sticky in SketchUp.

Select the arc > in menu Edit > Create Group
Now move the group (grabbing it at one end) while holding down [Ctrl] to create a copy to one of the other corners. Do so three times to all free corners. Rotate each grouped arc around its vertical axis to fit to the other rectangle. Then explode the groups.

Learn about the Follow Me tool.

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A little off topic but…
I use Licecap for the GIFS, I think many others do. I tried ScreentoGif but it takes a little time to process.

In my first GIF I originally moved the first arc to the opposite corner, but quickly realised I could just copy rotate around the centre twice. First for the arc and then for the two arcs. That way I avoided sticky geometry and the additional step of moving.

You are quite right about that. My solution was/is general for non symmetrical shapes but I didn’t think of that center rotation, I’ll have to admit.
Then comes Geo with ‘Follow Me’ that does the job for you. Brilliant. I need some coffee to be sharp again.

I often draw something, sit back and think “that could have been done much easier”, there’s so many ways to get the same result in SketchUp, I find there’s often an easier way, not that I always spot it of course.

Where would any of us be without the coffee :smiley:

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