New to SketchUp-getting started


Hi Guys,

I’m new to skethcup and new to the forum too. I wanted to ask all the Pro’s out there if I need to have a background in manual hand drafting in order to learn, understand, and move forward in Sketchup in making Plans, Sections, Details, ect. Please advise! Thanks so much!



Nope. You don’t. Do take time to watch the Getting Started video at, though. If you’ll be using this in your business, you’ll want to get SketchUp Pro.

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In fact, a background in manual 2d drawing or its computer-aided equivalent can sometimes be an impediment to learning 3D modeling, as one has to overcome a burden of “this is how it has always been done”. Best to start with an open mind and to study the tutorial videos to see how SketchUp is intended to work.



SketchuUp is a fabulous tool in helping one explore and finalize designs, including buildings, before beginning the follow on process of creating construction drawings.

As commented above, knowing the techniques of manual drafting can create “rabbit holes” to overcome, in pursuing best practices of modeling with SketchUp.

As you pursue continuing education, I recommend combining a strong understanding of Sketchup (and Layout) with a strong understanding of construction drawing mechanics to achieve the ability to professionally and successfully present your designs and dreams.



In school, they taught me hand drafting first, but you could start with SketchUp because it’s relatively easy to learn.