Just got started, what's next?

Hey guys,

I’m just getting started with Sketch Up.

I’m trying to model the plans for an upcoming home renovation and extension.

So I’ve completed the 4 getting started videos - what do you recommend moving on to next to continue to build skills?



It’s really hard to say without knowing what videos you’ve watched. Could you sum up what you’ve learned in the videos?

I’ve done the first 4 getting started videos.


Hi @Mikesketches, I’m new to this too and I think what eneroth3 means by it’s hard to say without knowing what you’ve watched is it really IS hard to know because there are so many different videos out there and there are also many different ways to do the same thing. But I’m assuming you watched the same 4 videos I watched and, for me, the trickiest part was getting my pdf file into SKUP to begin the process. I had help from George Knowles here on the Forum.

You need to import your pdf file into a new Sketchup file. Here’s a video that helped me, but others may have better ones. http://designstudentsavvy.com/sketchup-floor-plan-tutorial/ Once you have that nailed down you just start tracing the outline of your plan. Good Luck!

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