NEW to SketchUp 2016-Cleaning up lines

I am VERY new to sketch up. I have just started at a company and was asked to learn it. I have watched every YouTube video I could find. That has answered all but two questions so far. They are very basic, you would think I would have figured them out by now.

When I create/add a from the 3D warehouse the lines look/print very burry, Is there a way to make them to look more crisp?

Also like to know how to change the color of the lines from black to white? I have tried selecting the line and using the paint bucket.


You change the style. See the user’s guide on the Style Manager.

a what ? a component ?

Sorry, It was suppose to say

When I create or add from the 3D warehouse the lines look/print very blurry. How can I get more crisp lines?

Well, still does not make much sense. We would need an example, model name or model id number from the 3D Warehouse, in order to see if that was the issue.

But, I think it is just styles again. You likely have some “Sketchy” style chosen. Open the Styles inspector window and choose another style that is less “Sketchy”. Tweak the style by switching off Profiles, or Endpoints, and especially Jitter.

SketchUp User Guide: Choosing a Style

Perhaps you could show us an example? Upload the SketchUp file or at least a screen shot.

solution for ur question 1 & 2nd question i didn’t get

For the 2nd Question as i understood Just hold shift and erase the edges u want to.

Okay thank you I wiil try them all and let you know.

Thank you for your help. I got it to work.