New to SKETCH UP wanting help with making Euro braces on aquarium


I have been trying to designing an aquarium in sketch up , everything goes well up till the point when I try and put in the euro bracing pieces. That’s where the pieces I rectangle in either go flat across the top or places on an already existing wall.

I would like to be able to do this

here is another example since I can only post one image

How about uploading your SketchUp file as you have it now so we can see what you’ve got and where you’re going with it?

and another example

Here is what I go so far lol I have not bothered to put in the glass texture etc yet, It don’t look like much but a fish tank is not much is it.

Aquarium sketchup.skp (76.2 KB)

This is what happens when I try and put the long back braces in

Aquarium sketchup what happens.skp (74.4 KB)

You need to read up on using components and groups. Watch the getting started videos at and see: Creating a Basic Component | SketchUp Help

I made a start for you making each panel of the aquarium a component. If you are going to build the aquarium, this will give you the ability to get the dimensions for the individual parts.
Aquarium sketchup.skp (99.0 KB)

Oh ok thanks, I will check them out and read up on that and watch some vids as well.

I still do not think I am getting it properly as I cant seem to get the top braces to lay down ontop of the front and back braces

Aquarium example (problem).skp (113.8 KB)

Do you mean like this?

yup like that guess I did not see that or understand , thanks a lot

Make sure you are drawing your parts where you want them.
Here you can see I start the rectangle flush with the surface on one side but then have a choice of where to finish it.
Look carefully at the inference tips.

Thanks I must not have been zoomed in enough as I was finding it difficult. I will keep this in mind next time.

Now I just have to figure out a way to make sliding glass lids for the two openings and have it flush to the top, glass only comes in certain sizes.

So have to make sure the rail system and glass is going to equal the 3/8" gap

Just a question here, how are you getting the drawing to zoom in and change proper angles in your video demonstration in order to draw the pieces correctly. When I try to draw mine the tank does not move so it is hard to connect to the proper edge on the other side.

Before you work on the aquarium any more, you need to learn about using Orbit, Pan, and Zoom. Start here:

There’s no point continuing with SketchUp until you’ve learned about these fundamentals.

This is a one time thing really, but read it and figured out how to pan and orbit with the mouse while drawing but now having issues with how my braces are connecting. I figured this would be more straight forward then what it has been.

It seems the brace is getting divided into 3 pieces with a cross line where it meets the back and front brace.

Aquarium example (problem) 3.skp (128.1 KB)

From yesterday:

But the braces I am placing other braces on are listed as components

If you can single click on a face and it gets selected it is not a component.
In the gif you see me single click all the way around the top, then tripple click to select all of the raw geometry.

So basically I didn’t define the glue to specifications ?

Cause I did chose make a component and clicked ok after changing descriptions and name and they were listed on the right in components under the default tray.

No, you probably didn’t tick the box that says, ‘Replace selection with component’ bottom left of the Make component dialog.
You can delete all the raw geometry and insert the component or make them again.