New Tagging Feature on Discourse



There is a new tagging feature on Discourse now!

About discourse-tagging

This plugin provides tagging functionality to Discourse. When users create topics they can optionally attach tags.

Tags are a useful alternative to categories. For example being able to tag a topic as “SketchUp 2015 issue”, “FAQ”, “Installation”, “Wiki-Posts”, “SUMake” and “Ruby” would be useful. (or other trends you notice that don’t deserve a category)


  • Users can tag topics with tags
  • We have restricted who can tag to a particular trust level
  • Users can choose to auto watch tags as desired
  • Users can list all tags, and filter topics by tag
  • There are bulk tools to assign tags to many topics at once and to rename tags.
  • A tag is “created” if it’s used at least once and it’s created during topic creation.
  • Max tags per topic is limited to 5.
  • Max tag length is limited to 20 characters.
  • Minimum trust level to create a tag is Level 2.
  • Minimum trust level to tag topics is level 0.
  • When searching for tags, the maximum number of results to show is 10.
  • There is a dropdown to filter a topic list by tag.
  • Max tags in filter list is 30.


  • You can’t currently search for tags, but they plan to implement that feature soon.
  • Make sure you keep titles are descriptive and posts contain consistent terms when discussing the same concepts.
  • See all the tags being used here.
  • A new user (level zero) cannot make/free-type a tag, they can only choose from a list of existing tags.
  • The main advantage of tags is they can cross cut across multiple categories.

If you’re curious to learn more, check this out. Also, see the current list of tags used by Discourse Meta for ideas.


Actually just:

This will be seen as more useful the more tags we have and the more posts get tagged. (Ie, the listing doesn’t "hit home’ with only one post yet tagged by each tag.)

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