Discourse now allows embedding topic lists for EW pages!

Discourse now allows embedding topic lists (categories) !


Discourse Meta - Feature Announcements: Embedding a list of Discourse Topics in another site

Long ago (and far away) … we wondered (in old discussions) if each hosted (not “listed”) extension on the Warehouse could have a SketchUp forum subcategory embedded at the bottom of (or somewhere on) each EW extensions product page (for hosted extensions.)

Now Discourse has made it available.

Questions and answers can be listed right there in the extension product page (suggest in a tabbed div.)

This could replace the old Comments section that was inundated with so much spam, that it was removed and never reinstated with something else more secure.

We surmised that when an extension would be first hosted, that an Extensions subcategory might be automatically created and the author set to Track that category.

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An alternate solution might be a special forum subdomain separate from the main SketchUp forum set of forums (for those who think the extension specific question posts would cause too much “noise” on the regular forum.)

This “special” forum could also leverage the Q and A (stackoverflow-like) Discourse extension that would not affect the main forum.

Wow. I knew I liked Discourse for a reason or two. Thanks for finding this.

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