New su logos

The new logo’s remind me of the CNN logo/font:-


but BLUE makes it original!

Funny…to me I saw…

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People are also seeing SEGA & IBM. All these ones represent clear initials or name of the companies/product etc.

However, are the SU ones trying to say or mean anything ?
Is this explained somewhere ?

Ok, the blog tells me:-
A lot of thought/work went into it.
What tools were used to create it.
And it was modelled simply out of a cube.

One can read some shapes as initials as the 3D shape moves around !

Logos per-se don’t always need explaining as obvious by design letter or shape as a fit for the product/company. Perhaps its just a mixture of that, I’m looking too deep I guess. Some logos have hidden meanings where the designer has considered this, even though tenuous at best.

The link below explains some of these hidden logo meanings.