New School - Domain Approval Please

Kia ora team,

Could you please add the Google Domain as an allowed SketchUp for Schools school?

I have been trying to figure out the issue for some time before I found the requests in this forum; it would be really appreciated if you could please add a note to the Help page ( describing that new schools need to make a request to be added to the database.

Ngā mihi nui / Many thanks, Tony

Hi @tbigby thanks for the post and sorry to hear you are having difficulty with the app. I am happy to get you added to the database as soon as I can. By the time this post is live the database should have refreshed and you will be all set!

I’ll also go ahead and @Tori_SU on this thread in hopes that she can take a look at your suggestion and get someone to implement it in any updates we make to the material as she is the one in charge of SketchUp for Schools. Hopefully your suggestion will help someone in the future.

Many thanks @CaseyG - yes, it is working great now - I will let our Technology teachers know.

I really appreciate the fast response!

Ngā mihi nui, Tony

Hello! I’m interested in this question: if I’m a school, do you have educational versions for using sketchup on a tablet? So that I can provide my students with an educational version for about 1 year?

Hi @machula.vlada thanks for the post. I know we have an iPad version that can be purchased but I am not sure if it is included in our free EDU offering. I’ll check with the team and get back to you as soon as possible. Personally I prefer a keyboard and mouse when I am modeling something in SketchUp but that is just me. I should also mention that technically you can get SketchUp to boot on an iPad by using an internet browser to load the web app but it is not officially supported.

Anyway, I’ll check in and get back to you shortly so watch for me to edit this post in a few minutes.

Hello! I am grateful for your attention and will wait for your answer. This is a very relevant topic for me.

Hi again @machula.vlada. As it stands, we do not currently have a iPad version of SketchUp for Schools and while it is possible to purchase a license for use on an iPad, it handles data differently than our SketchUp for Schools app so it may need to be reviewed by your IT and legal teams before you can use it with your students to ensure that it meets any requirements you have. Also it would require you to pay for it so it would be more expensive than just using the free version.

Additionally, while it is not our policy to comment on development of new products and I am not on our software development team I can say that this is a popular feature request.