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Just was wandering what had happen to my login I had to login as a new user? it didn’t know me! And what has happened to my life time sketchUp pro status?
Will it be honored, because I think it is time for me start using it, due to its maturity, I may have need to start to using it because of fusion 360 cutting usage.
is there any way I can actually call some one at SketchUp? (phone number) looked for an hour and couldn’t find one.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 8. Is that correct? You shouldn’t need to login at all.

Hi not sure why, but I down load a trial SketchUp 8 Pro but it doesn’t like my ser number or my authorization code? What to do?


Where did you find the installer for SketchUp 8 Pro? When and where did you get the license? What are the first couple of letters in the license?

FWIW SketchUp Pro 8 was replaced with SketchUp 2013 in the Spring of 2013 and it’s long out of date. If version 8 is the last version you purchased, your support would have expired in 2013 if not before. While you should be able to use it with a valid license, you should keep in mind that features such as the 3D Warehouse and Geo-Location are no longer functional for that version.

I have a serial number and activation code from 2012 ser number starts with ME-443…… and the act num starts with 57fe8…….

I used it for some time in 2012 but I started working with 123D and then fusion 360

And now I thought because I had Skerchup I would install it on my window 10 machine thought that there would be many improvements, because it was still buggy in 2012

I down loaded ketchup pro as a trial and thought I would just plug in my ser num and activation code, but it didn’t like something


Well, as you have found, the serial number is specific to the version you purchased eight or nine years ago, and doesn’t apply to the latest 2021 Pro version.

If you are using SketchUp for strictly non-commercial purposes for a personal or hobby project, you could still use SU Make 2017, which is no longer developed or supported (it is the only free desktop version still available) but which you can still download and use for free. It installs as a Pro 2017 version, but the Pro features are disabled after 30 days use, and it reverts to the free Make version. See

Or (again, for non-commercial purposes) you could use the Free Web (online) version in a browser, which has a very different interface, but much the same capabilities as Make.

However, you cannot use extensions/plugins with the online versions.

To use SketchUp for commercial purposes, you now need an annual subscription to a Pro licence - either the desktop version 2021 Pro, or the paid-for web version SketchUp Shop.

You can no longer (since 2019 or 2020) buy a lifetime licence to any Pro version.

Or any other version of Sketchup Pro!

So you’ve download and installed SketchUp 2021 not SketchUp 8. Your SketchUp 8 license starting with the letter M only works for SketchUp 8. At this point you would need to buy a subscription license for SketchUp 2021 to be able to use it.

Going back to a question in your original post:

Nothing has happened to it. Your SketchUp 8 license is still good for SketchUp 8. That license doesn’t entitle you to use any other version of SketchUp Pro, though. It never did.

As John said, for personal use you can use SketchUp 2017 Make or SketchUp Free.

Indeed yes. But starting a new subscription there’s little reason not to go for 2021.

I’m not even sure you can get a new subscription to any other version.

@john_mcclenahan , I meant to adres this part of your reply:

You don’t need a subscription for commercial use, a perpetual licence for an older version of SketchUp is also valid for commercial use.
And the TS stated thad he has a licence for SketchUp Pro 8.

Also true. But he may find it difficult to find an installer for SU 8, and complained that it and his trial of 2013 were buggy.

I can’t find your license under your name or email, or the part of the serial number that you gave.

That aside, it could be that some features are asking you to sign in. That will be true for extension warehouse, 3D Warehouse, and add location. The rest of the features in SketchUp 8 should still be working, without needing a sign in.