New Knucklehead Seeks Help Building a Toilet!

I’m simply NEW to any kind of 3D drawing app. Using the free web version, downloaded a toilet model but really can’t do anything other than move it around. Can’t figure out how to take it apart (i.e. such as the lid). Any help appreciated!

To help get you started.

Any chance to leave a toilet seat up, I’m in.

Depends what model you downloaded and if it’s been made up of groups.
Likely the whole toilet is a group so you need to double click on it to get inside the group to grab individual parts.( assuming they are grouped.) In this example I first added a line on what would be the hinge axis to help with rotation. Grab the part, use the rotate tool on that axis, use an arrrow key to select which axis to rotate it on , in this case right arrow key for red axis, then rotate.
The cistern was not grouped so I made those parts into a group so it could be moved.

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